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      ListMessenger Support Forum Updated   08/08/2017

      We just wanted to mention that we have just upgraded our support forum software to the latest and greatest version of Invision Community. This will translate to a significantly better experience for users and hopefully a huge reduction in the amount of forum spam that pops up. Forum spam is poison to a support forum such as this because it robs support administrators of time which would have other wise went to providing important responses.
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Guest John

How Does This Handle Bounces?

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Hello Guest_John,


The answer can be found in our Knowledge Base:



ListMessenger currently does not have an automated bounce handling system, although future versions of the program will contain this feature.


ListMessenger does have an administrator definable "Errors To:" e-mail address that can be set in the ListMessenger Program Preferences. Any bounced messages will be automagically returned to this address for either manual processing or for /dev/null'ing.


Also, Matt provides some suggestions in an older thread here:




I hope this helps.


Best Regards,


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