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Need help with ListMessenger 2.2?

ListMessenger Support Forum Guidelines

Dear ListMessenger Support Seeker,

Support requests are generally responded to within 24 to 48 hours of posting during a standard work week.

Some things to consider before posting your request:

  • Update your software: One of the first things we ask are what version of ListMessenger are you running? If it is not the latest version, we will ask you to upgrade your software before continuing to offer support.
  • Refer to previous knowledge / No thread hijacking: Try reading other threads and try previously suggested tips relating to your issue first. If they do not work, please start your own thread explaining your problem, system setup and what you already tried. DO NOT “hijack” other threads.
  • Search before you post: Many of your questions have been answered before. To minimize duplicate support requests, search through the forums and other materials (FAQ & User guide located at listmessenger.com) before you post.
  • New Problem? New Post: If you have posted a question previously, please do not post a new issue within the same thread. Please start a new thread for new issues/questions.
  • Show respect to others: You are expected to maintain a helpful, respectful tone when posting. Opinions are welcome, but they may not escalate into rudeness against staff or other forum members.


Best Regards,
Matt Simpson
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