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  2. I managed to find Matt on Twitter, @m_simpson He did say on twitter to me months back that he would be doing a .php 7x version, but nothing has happened.
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  4. I purchased anaother license a while back, but never received it. Tried to contact Matt several times, but never got a reply. So I was forced to fall back to Mailchimp. Now for another website I need a mailing system again. Could I rely on delivery this time or is Listmessenger out of business?
  5. Thank you for your quick response, Jesper Brunholm Scharff. I really want to keep using a self-hosted solution. I really don't like getting forced into these third-party contracts, just because everybody has decided that "cloud services" is the way to go. If ListMessenger is no longer usable, are there other self-hosted, open source alternatives? matt.simpson, could you give us a status update? Are you OK...? Edit: My immediate issue is that I am no longer able to import contacts. I keep getting the error message that the private/tmp directory is not writable by PHP, that I have to set permissions to 777. I have endlessly double-checked and updated ownership and permissions of those folders. It should work. Any suggestions how to fix that? Otherwise ListMessenger still mostly works on PHP7, but not being able to import contacts would be the end of the line. I get this error in the log:
  6. I have tried to fix the issues and errors we had with our ListMessenger installation. I gave up after 10 hours of development, and have migrated to MailChimp. I did this with huge reluctance, but I have to admit that I'm very glad to have gone, and find that I know much more about my newsletter users now.
  7. I understand (and respect) that ListMessenger development has probably ended. Can ListMessenger still be used on PHP7? What fixes does it require? Or will it not be worth the hassle? Is ListMessenger still safe/secure enough by 2019 standards?
  8. Dear all, I found some issues by exporting data to excel. An issue with accents makes the columns move and therefore I need to check every time all users. I went to the control pannel - preferences - control preferences, and I changed the encoding from ISO to UTF-8, but still it does not work. Then, my question is how to manage the latin special characters with the script. Best
  9. Good afternoon; In order to show stadistics in my website, I would like to show the number of subscribers which I have for a specific group of listmessenger. The idea is to insert in my website something like <?php include 'counter.php?group_id=1' ?> if I wanna insert the number of subscribers of e.g. group number 1. For this purpose I created the following code: <?php /** I load all the database stuff **/ require_once("includes/pref_ids.inc.php"); require_once("includes/config.inc.php"); require_once("includes/classes/adodb/adodb.inc.php"); require_once("includes/dbconnection.inc.php"); session_start(); /** I load the group**/ $_GET['group_id']; /** I count the subscribers**/ function total_subscribers($group_id) { global $db; $count = 0; if((is_object($db)) && ($db->IsConnected())) { $query = "SELECT COUNT(*) AS `total` FROM `".TABLES_PREFIX."users`"; $result = $db->GetRow($query); if(($result) && ($subscribers = (int) $result["total"])) { $count = $subscribers; } } /** I show the number **/ echo($count); } ?> The point is that this script does not work and I was wondering if you could help me, since you know much better about how listmessenger works. Many thanks in advance.
  10. and on, and one and on... We are going to have to migrate to another solution as List messenger is no longer supported.
  11. It would almost seem that, yes. It is really a shame though! I'm pondering upon making an upgrade myself, please contact me if you're interested
  12. Second that, we really need an updated version
  13. Hi, I have an issue with the soft. I am trying to export the database in csv and basically it works. Nevertheless, the format of the signup date is wrong. It gives a long number and I would like to get a day/month/year hour:minute data. I would appreciate some guide about how to do that, or if I need to go directly to the table in the server.
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  15. Yes please as we can use listmessenger anymore like this Robbert
  16. Hey Matt, come on lets get a PHP7 version out ASAP.....
  18. Yesterday I paid for ListMessenger Pro. I still am unable to download it. I emailed support yesterday with no reply, and again this morning with a reply from Mr. Matt Simpson. He told me he would look into it today. It is still not working and though I have emailed him back twice since have not received a reply. I suggested that perhaps he could just email me the software, but as I said no reply. I don't feel I'm being unreasonable. I paid for it yesterday and would just like to get it. At this point I would not recommend anyone purchase the paid version if they want to actually get it.
  19. Hello. I purchased ListMessenger Pro, but can't seem to download it. I have tried two different browsers on my computer, and when that failed tried my phone. In all cases the page just changes to a blank white page and does nothing else. Any ideas would be helpful.
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    PHP 7.2

    Shame, that "thing" is dead....
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