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  1. Certainly top of my list now that my server migration is complete. Sorry for the delay, this is affecting me too now we are running PHP 7.2 Sincerely, Matt Simpson
  2. Hello Marijus, Not a problem, I can help with this. What information do you require on the invoice that is not present on the payment receipt from PayPal? It currently shows the seller and buyer information, the product, the price, and that it's paid. Sincerely, Matt Simpson
  3. Hey Nat! Great to hear from you. Please let me apologize for the lack of response on this matter; I have been busy with life. A great wife, 3 amazing kids, and a really good career building open source software to support Medical Education. ListMessenger is important to me, but there's just not enough time in a day to get to it all. I was just talking to Karla about this though, and I'm going to commit to a few days in late December to update ListMessenger to address these issues and also take the opportunity to update some core components. We use it at work as well, and are upgrading to PHP7 soon. This will be important. I hope all is well. Talk soon! Matt Simpson
  4. Hello Guests. Sorry for the lack of response and visibility on the forum. This is a tough question to respond to because it can be caused by so many different things. Things to check: 1. That your e-mail provider allows you to accept .zip files. Your license key comes in a .zip file attached to the e-mail with the license key. 2. That it didn't end up in your spam folder. 3. That you have your e-mail address correct in your profile. Those are typically the main things to check for. When all else fails, switch your account e-mail address as the last guest suggested. -Matt Simpson
  5. Thanks for posting Paul. Glad you figured that out. There are a few other issues with ListMessenger and PHP7. I've got to get that sorted. -Matt
  6. Hello Rob, That's very strange indeed. I've not heard this one before to be honest. What method are you using to try and send mail? PHP's mail() function, Sendmail, SMTP? You can find out in Control Panel > Preferences > E-Mail Configuration. P.S. Sorry for the belated response to your inquiry. Thanks, Matt Simpson
  7. Hello Luxor, ListMessenger does something very similar as well. When you import subscribers there is the option to "Do not import subscribers that have previously unsubscribed from the selected groups.". It tracks this activity in a logging table, and won't re-import someone to a group if they've previously unsubscribed from it. Does that help? -Matt
  8. Hi Simon, The message definitely gets sent, but maybe your mail server is blocking the Zip file attachment. Any chance you could log into the Members Area and change your email address to another address, and try again? The message should be sent within a few minutes, definitely not hours. Matt
  9. Hi Frank, could you provide a link to your subscriber form? Or the HTML associated with it? Matt
  10. Hi Rakesh, This setting is probably available in your web hosting control panel. It usually is. How to set it, depends on how your hosting provider is running PHP. If you ask them how to set it to a writable directory, they will probably have an FAQ for you.
  11. Hi sward, My first suggestion will always be to run the latest version of ListMessenger, as bugs have been resolved. Perhaps ones that you're encountering. If you're running PHP4 there isn't much that can be done. Minimum system requirements for ListMessenger are PHP5.1+. Matt Simpson
  12. Hi sward, My first suggestion will always be to run the latest version of ListMessenger, as bugs have been resolved. Perhaps ones that you're encountering. If you're running PHP4 there isn't much that can be done. Minimum system requirements for ListMessenger are PHP5.1+. Matt Simpson
  13. Hey Sunkenrecords, Wow, great to hear. Thank you very much. Absolutely, GoDaddy has historically been a bit of a challenge to send mail through. They really neutered their PHP installation the last time I looked (~2 years ago). Glad to hear it's resolved though! -Matt Simpson
  14. Hi Yamia, In order to copy subscribers from one group to another, you would: 1. Go to the "Subscribers" screen 2. Find the subscribers you want to copy, then check the checkbox beside their name. 3. At the bottom, change the select box to "Copy Subscribers" then click "Proceed". Hope this helps. -Matt Simpson
  15. Hello All, If you would like to change your ListMessenger Licence Key, please first review the change policy: http://www.listmessenger.com/policies/key If your request is within the policy, please send the request to ksimpson at listmessenger dot com. Take care, Matt Simpson
  16. Hi Frank, Hum, I'll definitely look into this. What version of PHP are you running? -Matt Simpson
  17. Hi Frank, Sorry to hear you're having issues. My suggestion would be to log into the ListMessenger Members Area and change your e-mail account to a different account (GMail or something), even temporarily. The licence key is a Zip file, which is sometimes gets blocked by mail providers. Take care, Matt Simpson
  18. Hello Rakesh, I mentioned in a previous thread, this is normally caused by PHP sessions failing to be written on the server. I would check that your session.save_path PHP setting is set to a directory you have access to. Hope this helps. Matt Simpson
  19. Hi Sward, Oh, I think I see now. You had an older version of ListMessenger, and you're upgrading to the latest version to try and resolve your issue. Good call. I assume that your other post is priority, so lets continue there and hope it resolves your issue. -Matt Simpson
  20. Hi Sward, Interesting. What version of PHP are you running? -Matt Simpson
  21. Hi George! Hum. This is usually caused by PHP being unable to save the session data on your server. Could you provide me with a link to a file that contains the following PHP code? <?php phpinfo(); Thanks! -Matt
  22. Hello Tony, Yes, ListMessenger will certainly run on CentOS 7. It's OS independent for the most part. What issue are you having exactly when you try to send mail? Does it give you an error in the error_log? -Matt Simpson
  23. Hey Vexal, Sorry to hear you're having issues. Hopefully I can help you get to the bottom of it. Does this happen regardless of which web browser you use? Firefox / Chrome / IE? What version of PHP is your server running? Could you pass me a link to a file that contains: <?php phpinfo(); Thanks, -Matt Simpson
  24. Hello Lupe, No, it's not referencing the name of the group, it's the ID of the group. If you go into Manage Groups it should ay Group ID: 3 | x Subscribers | Public Group. If there is no group id of 3, or if group id 3 is a Private Group, that would be why your form is not working. Best Regards, Matt Simpson
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