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  1. Nat

    Php7 Support

    Good to hear Matt,...
  2. Nat

    Php7 Support

    Any progress Matt?
  3. Nat

    Php7 Support

    Thanks Matt, glad that life is going well.. Not sure how old LM is, but know I have been using it since the early days. Looking forward to the updates..
  4. Matt when are we going to see some support for PHP7 I love LM and have it running on several sites, but we need a version that supports PHP7
  5. Matt, come on lets see a Php7 Fix done..
  6. It does not.. You have to do it by hand, one by one.
  7. Nat

    Key Transfer?

    Sadly Matt, thats not really good enough. Agree you offer good value for money and a good product, alas flexibility is king, and I will not be purchasing any more products from you. The redundant key that I have, was being offered to a charity web site as a donation!
  8. Nat

    Key Transfer?

    Have to say, that I have had a response from to this, and extremely disappointed with the outcome. I have a web site that no longer needs a LM Key, and a charity site that does. The outcome, a Listmessenger key that is redundant and no longer needed.. and a charitable web site that Listmessenger wants to charge. Very, very disappointed with the Listmessenger policy.
  9. Good to hear Matt, and as a long time supporter, I have faith
  10. Nat

    Key Transfer?

    Thanks Matt, and will do
  11. Nat

    No Mail Confirmation

    Have you checked your junk/spam folder?
  12. Am trying to transfer a LM pro key from a redundant domain, to a new one. I have sent over a email, but not had a response ?
  13. I have been a very long standing user and supporter of LM, and this request has come up soooo many times over the years. Go on Matt, you know you want to
  14. I think that Matt may have this in the next version