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  1. Hi Matt Great that works just fine, many thanks. PS. l will unsubscribe you from my mailing list then you don't receive the stuff l send out. Thanks once again
  2. Hi I have integrated/wrapped the template.html (from the Public folder) into one of my website pages, so that success, error messages or help information appears to be part of my site. Just force an error or success 7 subscribe message etc via, http://www.photofleetwood.com/Newslettergetit.html to see what l mean. Once any user intervention ends, ie, no more user input / correction possible and only messages are displayed (the end of the line) l would like the page to redirect after say around 10 sec back to a page on my site, (eg the home page). Does anyone know / have a little bit of code to add to the template.html page or PHP page to make it happen ? l have tried HTML and Javascript redirects etc, but l am a long / long way from being able to programme in any serious way. Best regards,
  3. Oh, then l misunderstood, l thought both could be moved outside the web-root. Sorry, it seems l have wasted your time. Sorry once again.
  4. Hi Matt thanks for getting back to me. I have temp moved back into the public area as l needed to do some things, 1. But, prior to that, l moved the public folder out of public_html, basically to the root of my space on the server. I then changed the Public URL and Public Dir in ListMessenger config file 2. List Messenger notices went away 3. Uploaded a file using the image upload system in TinyMce as a check ListMessenger could see the new location of Public. It uploaded the file and placed it in the new located public folder, and it displayed the image in the upload window. So all was well, LM seem to find the folder as it does upload a file to it.. 4. However, when l then click on the image to place it in my template l do not get a PREVIEW of the image as l did when the Public folder was in it standard place, also the the image although physically in the new located public folder still is not displayed in the template. 5. It seems as if it something to do with TinyMCE during preview, where it is pointing to, but guessing here.
  5. Quick Question Moved public folder out of public area as suggest / security reasons Changed Public URL and Dir in config Now images are not visible in template or under Preview in image upload system However: On using image upload system, images are placed in in the new correct public file location / dir and are visible following upload. Just when l click the image to include in my template, no image Preview and not displayed in template. Any ideas ?
  6. Just had to say thanks Matt, checked out the light version today, saw its simplicity and power within seconds, purchased the Pro version. Installed, and pusher forwards. Had one minor issue, forum subject scan provided the answer minutes, issue solved. The best programs are the one that work, are intuitive and where you rarely need the manual. Thanks again.
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