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      We just wanted to mention that we have just upgraded our support forum software to the latest and greatest version of Invision Community. This will translate to a significantly better experience for users and hopefully a huge reduction in the amount of forum spam that pops up. Forum spam is poison to a support forum such as this because it robs support administrators of time which would have other wise went to providing important responses.

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  1. I've installed the Light version 2.2.1 to test if it's working for our website. After some problems at first to get the HTML working to subscribe users the system is basically working OK, people can subscribe, mails are send etc. The next test was to create a newsletter and send it out. Here I'm running into problems, I can't add an image to the HTML file. There is no pop-up window or anything else letting me select an image. I've checked the forum and based on some inputs there I've reinstalled the Javascript directory, but no result. I tested it with Safari, Chroom and Firefox (all on OS X Yosemite), no result. I went back to my local system and the same result, not possible to insert an image. Can you please let me know what is wrong. Thanks, Bert
  2. I have the same issue, can you please let me know the solution. The HTML code is <input type="hidden" name="group_ids[]" value="1" /> The link to the form is ...... (please be aware that this is a test system, not a production system) Thanks, Bert I solved the issue by creating two groups and use the checkboxes to select the group.