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  1. hi i see aweber and other email list processor gangs are charging 20$ a month for (squeeze page/optin/grab their email) page and keeping your email list. this act is so un-intelligent, to pay them a cent, while i can install this on my web server, pay once and that is it. i maintain my email lists and add any number of squeeze pages i want the way i want them. my question is why these people do that? why they pay aweber and other gangs? this, does not compute? am i missing something here? sometimes, things which are too good to be truth, are not truth. sometimes they are truth. in this case, i am unsure yet. i have not bought this yet. i want to do that, but this question bugs me. maybe they ARE dumb. maybe they are saleman and know that trick well but they are afraid of php. are SUPER CLEVER internet marketing gurus all as clever as homer simpson? if yes, wow to the rest of the population of this pathetic earth. any clue? your feedback is appreciated.
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