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  1. I have V2.1.0 running and works fine - but I need to export the names in the system and I get the attached message when I try and export. I get the same message when I try and download a backup. any idea how to get round this? thanks Michael further info - the attached is what I get from Chrome. When I use other browsers I get a different message - "It appears that you are either not currently logged into ListMessenger or your session has expired. You will be taken to the ListMessenger login page - please re-login." so for some reason I am getting thrown out - I have been in touch with the hosting company and the session path is correct and sessions are being written to the folder on the server. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I create a text version and then copy it to teh HTML version all looks fine but when the text arrives all spacing is gone and the text is one large block of text. any ideas? thanks
  3. I am getting this error: Failed to authenticate your session identifier. Please ensure your servers session support is properly configured and you provide an authenticated session identifier to the engine I have checked the php.ini file and the session.save_path = "/home/users/web/b1716/as.trumansb/public_html/cgi-bin/tmp" which is correct and CHMOD 600 - sessions are being written to the folder. This only happens when I attempt to send a newsletter. and only just started happening - which leads me to believe that a change has been made on the server. any ideas what's going on or places to look? thanks
  4. I have a client that said that one of their newsletter subscribers got the following e-mail: Someone (either yourself or the list administrator) has requested that your e-mail address be removed from one or more of our mailing lists. This e-mail is being sent to confirm that you wish to be removed from our system. If you would like to opt-out, please follow the link below: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx /mailinlist/public/confirm.php?id=449&code=df78f87157e553acc a79f1a7661de39c If you did not request to be removed from our mailing lists, please ignore this e-mail and do not follow the above link. If requests persist, you may wish to notify our abuse account at info@nedpa.org. Note xxxxxxxxxxx is my redaction edit The client swears that they did not try and unsubscribe and the sysadmin of the listmessenger did not - is there any way that this could have happened any other way? Thanks Vex
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    although your knowledge base does say that this is an option. Thanks again for a great product!
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    thanks ! that's a great idea !
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    Thanks for the info - the reason I have done it this way is that I do not maintain the site and the people that do want an easy way to get files to their clients - guess I'll have to figure out an easy way for them to upload files.
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    the cut off point seems to be 532KB file size If I keep the attachment files size below that it send without issue. what do you think is causing the 'blockage' this is the error I get if the file exceeds the 532KB barrier. 1. Your message could not be sent, the sending engine responded with: Could not instantiate mail function. You may want try changing the method which ListMessenger uses to send e-mail, if this way isn't working for you. You can do this in the Control Panel > Preferences > E-Mail Settings; Click here to return to your message details.
  9. is there a size restriction if the attachment is greater than 1MB?
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    Emails Never Arrive

    thanks for your suggestiuon - but I have 200 limit and only sending to 10 people. Curiously one person did get the e-mail who happens to have an e-mail provided by the same company that is my ISP -
  11. Good Day, I have been using Listmessenger for a couple of years now at version 2.2 and thne this last month a client said they never received my email - I just tested and I get the test. any ideas what might be causing this? this is running on PHP 5.2.9 Apache version 2.2.11 (Unix) I do not get any error messages and the send process completes - using php basic or advanced. many thanks Michael
  12. FIXED - my hosting company (in it's infinite 'wizdom') changed the path to the phpsession - so simply changed it back and I am in business Yeah!!! Thanks for giving me a clue as to where to look!! Vex
  13. I even edited the password Hash code to a known value - then requested the password and changed the password to another known value and still no luck logging in. help!!! PLEASE!!!
  14. I have just installed LM 2.2 lite onto a server with the following features: Debian MySql v5.0.45 PHP v 5.2.5 the setup.php confirms everything and then I get to the login screen it tells me that I have the wrong username/password... I tried this last week and gave up thinking it was just me and being tired .. so I recreated a new database and made sure that all settings were correct. But the same issue. I also purchased the full version thinking that that was the difference and installed that on a different server (same features) but get teh same errors. BTW - reset password does not function either - I get the email change the password and still fails to let me in. Any idaes? Thanks Vex.
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    http://infinisol.com/stafftnt/ the actual listmessenger files are all in infinisol.com/list thanks for looking