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      We just wanted to mention that we have just upgraded our support forum software to the latest and greatest version of Invision Community. This will translate to a significantly better experience for users and hopefully a huge reduction in the amount of forum spam that pops up. Forum spam is poison to a support forum such as this because it robs support administrators of time which would have other wise went to providing important responses.

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  1. Some Questions

    I am having an issue with the install. Can I get someone to help with this. I have tried everything I know and don't want to go into the php code. If you can install for me, that would be great. I can send you the credentials. Thanks John Snee swiftatlanta.com 404.452.9442
  2. I am also having an issue with this. Has anyone got a fix or an answer??
  3. I am trying to install to my website, but I keep getting hung at the creation of the DB. I get ListMessenger was unable to connect to the database server using the provided database connection information. Database Server Response Access denied for user 'swift'@'%' to database 'listmessenger' I know that my credentials are correct as I can log in through various other means. I have tried it several different ways and tried creating the DB through my server control panel and then trying to access it. No luck either way. Is there some other support or an installation service available?