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  1. Hi, The bounce from MSN is pretty clear. It reads: The mail server IP connecting to Windows Live Hotmail has exhibited namespace mining behavior. MSN (Hotmail) have decided that the reputation of the server that you're on is so bad that they're not allowing any mail coming from it onto their mail systems. This basically has nothing to do with the ListMessenger software, you would have the same problem sending from any script. You might want to contact the owner and/or administrator of the server and ask them about this.
  2. Well, then perhaps it's better to assign blame to the incorrect handling of the HTML code by Internet Explorer.
  3. There is no upper limit in the software for the number of archived messages. My suspicion is that the server times out before it can complete the list of messages.
  4. ListMessenger is a software product that you can download (buy first if you need the pro version) and then install on your own server. It is not a 'service'. You are in now way "forced" to seek approval from your subscribers, although it is highly recommended to do so anyway.
  5. It is not clear to me what you where doing when you "copied the new files". Can you please clarify?
  6. This is most likely not a thing caused by ListMessenger. If it had happened to all your subscribers (or even just a portion of them) you would definitely have heard about it from those subscribers.
  7. Officially, once a domain has been assigned to a key, it can not be changed. If you need to move to a new domain, you'll have to get another license. However, I do know that sometimes ListMessenger.com makes allowances for cases like this.
  8. In ListMessenger Pro, while you're in the Subscribers section, just click the 'Manage fields' link and you can start adding new fields.
  9. Hi Dean, To answer your questions: #1: correct #2: correct, and I agree that's not the pinnacle of usability #3: not in the current version #4: what 'basic question' are you talking about?
  10. Hi Ray, ListMessenger is not an autoresponder (that's the name of the type of software you're looking for). ListMessenger is a product that can be used to send e-mail newsletters to a list of subscribers.
  11. Then perhaps may I suggest just using Firefox? That's a much better browser anyway (imho).
  12. You don't have to setup a separate domain for your newsletter. The domain being used to send your newsletters is one of many many factors that may or may not determine if an e-mail newsletter bounces or not.
  13. The software has the ability to use text and/or html templates when composing a new message to your subscribers. However, you'll have to create those templates yourself. You can then store them in the "Control Panel | Templates" screen and use them from then on.
  14. When you call the subscribe feature with a specific language as a parameter, ListMessenger stores that as a language preference in a cookie on the visitor's computer. This is because subsequent use of the system by that very same user should work with their own preferred language.
  15. Hi, What you described is basically correct, from a technical point of view. However, the license agreement formally only allows you to run the script on the domain that you've purchased a key for and assigned the domain to that key. If you install the script on domain B while you've assigned domain A to the key, you'll see a warning message during the installation procedure.
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