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  1. Thank you for your quick response, Jesper Brunholm Scharff. I really want to keep using a self-hosted solution. I really don't like getting forced into these third-party contracts, just because everybody has decided that "cloud services" is the way to go. If ListMessenger is no longer usable, are there other self-hosted, open source alternatives? matt.simpson, could you give us a status update? Are you OK...? Edit: My immediate issue is that I am no longer able to import contacts. I keep getting the error message that the private/tmp directory is not writable by PHP, that I have to set permissions to 777. I have endlessly double-checked and updated ownership and permissions of those folders. It should work. Any suggestions how to fix that? Otherwise ListMessenger still mostly works on PHP7, but not being able to import contacts would be the end of the line. I get this error in the log:
  2. I understand (and respect) that ListMessenger development has probably ended. Can ListMessenger still be used on PHP7? What fixes does it require? Or will it not be worth the hassle? Is ListMessenger still safe/secure enough by 2019 standards?
  3. What order does ListMessenger send in? Alphabetically by last name? Is it possible to get an output of the list? I have a stalled mailing that I can't restart, apparently because I changed configurations for a smaller mailing I had to do inbetween. I am trying to reconstruct the last 20% of a big mailing.
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