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  1. I looked at my list of subscribers (online in listmessenger), selecting "Show group: All Groups" and I see what appears to be about all of the duplicates (excepting the one?) listed with no group name assigned. It appears when I deleted the group that only the name of the group was deleted. They are all ones that were imported on October 1, 2010 but the temporary group was one which I deleted about a week ago. I can manually delete these but will wait a couple of days in case you want me to look for anything in particular.
  2. I'm toying around with phpMyAdmin and looking at the "users" directory and there is 2,992 listed in that database (I've had a couple of folks unsubscribe and some new sign-ups since first reported). I exported the database to Excel and found 222 duplicates. The largest number for user_id is 3362 so I'm guessing there aren't unsubscribers in the database. With one exception, all of the duplicates show up as being in group_id 2 even though I've deleted a temporary group I had imported into listmessenger (new customers who hadn't subscribed who I later imported into my remaining group). The one exception is a customer with identical values for name, e-mail, sign-up date, etc. Weird. At least I'm pretty confident that everyone that should have received an e-mail announcement was sent one.
  3. I see phpMyAdmin in CPanel but I don't know anything about using it. If you can give me some clear instructions on what to try looking for, I'll give it a shot as long as it's not something where there's much risk I'll mess things up. I'm marketing a very seasonal product and my income comes in during the next two months. Thanks.
  4. If I look directly below the "Subscriber" menu button when viewing my listmessenger account, it shows "2,994 Subscribers". I only have one group, though I previously had another group which has been deleted. I noticed when sending a message the other day that the message was sent to only 2,776 unique subscribers. In trying to figure out what was going on, I thought I'd see if somehow there were duplicates in my subscriber list. I exported the subscribers and saw only 2,776. What is the 2,994 number supposed to be representing? Is it counting deleted subscribers or something? I just want to make sure that everyone who has subscribed is receiving my messages.
  5. Matt, I'm pretty sure it was just a problem with my host which probably did a restore to an old back-up without telling me. I re-installed the upgrade just like before and it's been working fine since. I did need to manually add some new subscribers (fortunately had the e-mail notices still). I did change my directory name to create a back-up just as instructed in the installation instructions and then created a new listmessenger directory where the new installation resides. Thanks, Harvey
  6. I was having problems with subscribers getting the following error message: Unable to retrieve the template file to display the output properly. Please contact the website administrator and make them aware that their ListMessenger template file is unreachable. I resolved it last week by upgrading to 2.2.1 but was contacted by a client who reported the same error message. I checked and I'm now back to 2.1.0 somehow. Is this something my host did to me or can something else cause this. I had not deleted my renamed (old) directory I created prior to the upgrade. Could that have been the issue. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the post, Erik. I changed my e-mail configuration settings along the lines of what you suggested (only my host is even more stringent at 200/hour). Not a big deal since I only send out a couple of notices a year to my 2,000 customers.
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