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  1. Hi Running a test again with a one word (the same one that failed before) and it was delivered?!?!? I have two sites with LM in use - both worked with the single word subject. The mail is set up to send as PHP mail() - the only difference that I can see is that the messages that failed were from the free version of LM, that site has now been upgraded to Pro. Confused!?!?! - but perhaps it was just a momentary glitch somewhere along the line. Thanks Rob
  2. Thanks - I got it sorted, it was using the same database that foxed me to start with - was dead easy! Rob
  3. A message (to 28 subscribers, and also to 1 as a test) with just a single word in the Subject line appeared to send from the Queue Manager record but was not delivered (the word was: Majorca ) Can't understand why? - I copied the same message and changed the Subject to : Majorca - test message and it sent immediately, and was received Any ideas? Rob
  4. We've been running the free version but are about to install the Pro version - can I just point the newly installed Pro version to the SQL database that the free version was using please? (We'll be deleting the free version) [if not it's n big deal as I can extract the data to a spreadsheet and upload to Pro - just simpler if I can use same d/b] Thanks Rob
  5. Using 2.2.1 Pro - all of a sudden I'm getting a failure to send .today .. nothing has changed and the prog sent a broadcast message on 19 March 2016. I am getting a pop-up as the pdf screen grab (with notes) attached - sending is set to PHP basic and the server is using PHP5.5 Any ideas please? ==== AND (i have emailed your sales@ today) - We have a Pro licence for the domain macride-events-mail.org.uk but need to to move it to another domain ( macride-events.org.uk ) [it's all part of a series of charity fundraising sites] - how do I do that please ... I am assuming that the licence hasn't been changed which is causing the send failure? .. I haven't heard from you. Thanks Rob
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