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  1. Erick Glad you aren't one of my subscribers! (that's a joke, just in case you couldn't tell) Yeah, I understand that and normally I wouldn't do it, just to protect my own butt. This was a special case though and the subscribers are well aware of what was done. As the saying goes "There is always an exception to the rule. That is what makes it a rule." Anyone doing something like this should be willing to accept the consequences, up to and including being put in the RBL, if subscribers complain.
  2. Oops! It helps if you are editing the right profile.php file!
  3. I have seen a number of people ask for the ability for the admin to confirm new subscribers rather than sending subscribers out an email confirmation request. There is a way to do this but it does require a little manual effort. Using phpmyadmin, browse the confirmation file and then change the SQL query it uses to something like this: SELECT `confirm_id`, `hash` FROM `confirmation` where`confirmed` = '0' This will give you a list of all entries that have not been confirmed. Copy a sample of the confirmation URL emailed to subscribers and replace the id in the URL with the confirm_id and replace the code in the URL with the hash. Copy the link into your browsers URL field and you'll be able to confirm the subscriber. You could create a list of subscribers needing to be confirmed in an html page and then just click down the list confirming each entry. There is probably a lot of automation you could do to this process, creating your own confirmation application, but I only had a handful of subscribers to confirm and didn't need to spend the time to do so. Hope this helps those in need! I just LOVE Listmessenger Pro!
  4. I have this application I put together at http://pattersonschool.net/master-subscriber-form.htm The application uses an inline frame to display a form for either subscribing, unsubscribing, updating profile or displaying help info. Clicking on one of the 4 buttons on the page changes the content of the inline frame to that needed for that particular function. The subscribing and unsubscribing frame match perfectly, presenting a smooth transition between frames. The update and help frames also match each other perfectly. However, I cannot seem to figure out why the first two functions and the last two functions don't match precisely and end up shifting the drawn form ever so slightly. Of course, the first two functions are html files I created and the last two are php files standard with LM. Anyone care to take a look and see if they can figure it out? Thanks in advance. And yes, I am an anal retentive perfectionist and don't like inconsistency. Ed
  5. Thanks Matt! I have to say, I am extremely pleased with ListMessenger pro 2.2. It is a very nice, well designed package.
  6. Each month I send out an email to all of our subscribers to remind them that they are subscribed and show them what information their profiles contain. I include a link in the email to update their profile. When they click on it, they get a window telling them they will receive another email with a link to update the profile. This is redundant and unnecessary. Is there a way to send them a link to actually update their profile rather than go through hoops to do so? If not, this would make a great addition to the email variables.
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