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  1. Hello Matt, Do you have any updates regarding the two bugs which I reported in 2012? Thanks, Philip
  2. Hello Matt, Do you expect to have time for a new release within the next 1-2 months or don't you expect an update within the next weeks/months? Philip
  3. Hello Matt, The forum looks newer than the last time I visited it. I really like it. The design and layout are very clean. I came back to ask about the status about the custom and hidden fields. Has this issue been fixed? I can't find the version 2.2.2 yet. When will it be available? http://forum.listmessenger.com/tracker/issue-8-public-profilephp-file-shows-hidden-fields http://forum.listmessenger.com/tracker/issue-9-a-hidden-custom-field-doesnt-require-a-value Philip
  4. Hello Karla, Thank for your notice. I just forwarded the email. Philip
  5. Hello Matt, That's what I have tried as well; I have changed the field type to a select field and then it is working, but: On other public pages such as next step of /public/profile.php, the source field will be shown as select field and won't be hidden any more. So, I need to use the hidden field but I don't see an option to pass on different source values. Any idea how to solve this? Philip
  6. Hello Matt, I forwarded the files last month to sales@. I hope you received them. Philip
  7. Hello Matt, I have the issue on the page /public/listmessenger.php I attach an image file where it is displayed. "source" is an hidden field so it shouldn't be shown at all on the frontend. The ntilde character seems to be not correctly encoded. Thank you, Philip
  8. Hello Matt, I thought that I would have marked the reply box for notifications about posts in this thread but apparently not ... With one value it is working fine but the source value varies depending from where the user comes from and registers for the newsletter. What do I need to set ... ... when I use on the registration form on my website: <input type="hidden" name="source" value="domain_de_website" /> ... on my forum: <input type="hidden" name="source" value="domain_de_forum" /> ... and in the blog: <input type="hidden" name="source" value="domain_de_blog" /> I didn't get it figured out. Thank you, Philip
  9. Hello, In Germany it is required for legal reasons that each business email contains some minimum information about the sender - same as what is used in the imprint. Currently the status emails which go out like email confirmation for double-opt-in only use the data of the [from] placeholder which is not enough. I added the signature in the language file german.lang.php but it's not the best solution because it may be overwritten with the next update. It would be good to manage this signature from the backend. Thanks, Philip
  10. Hello, Is it possible to show only newsletters from specific groups in the newsletter archive: /public/archive.php?language=german&group_ids=1,2,3 I tried to use parameter group_ids and group_id which doesn't work. Does there exist something like that because I don't want users to see all newsletters? Many thanks, Philip
  11. Hello Matt, I added a dropdown field to select the language. They are correctly shown on the backend. Here are the values: en=English de=Deutsch es=Español When I register with an invalid email address, then I see all fields on this page incl. the dropdown: /public/listmessenger.php The special character ñ isn't shown correctly. Do I have to use html code for the drop-down values? Kind regards, Philip
  12. Hello Matt, As you suggested I am posted the topic in the suport forum: In Germany we use special characters (Umlaute). In the email messages I received, the html code of these Umlaute is shown rather than the character itself. I have followed your instruction: "You need to change "Character Encoding" in Control Panel > Preferences > Program Preferences to UTF-8 and change "HTML Encoding Function" to htmlspecialchars()." The HTML special character code is shown in the plain text version of the emails. I am using Apple Mail client. Do you have a solution for this? Philip
  13. Hello Matt, I have several fields such as language or source of registration. Can I only send out a newsletter to lists or can I add additional selection criteria? In that case I would need only one list and then choose from the additional field whether I would like to target the German or English audience. If I can only choose the lists, then I need to create for each language version a separate list. Philip
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