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Found 1 result

  1. Good afternoon; In order to show stadistics in my website, I would like to show the number of subscribers which I have for a specific group of listmessenger. The idea is to insert in my website something like <?php include 'counter.php?group_id=1' ?> if I wanna insert the number of subscribers of e.g. group number 1. For this purpose I created the following code: <?php /** I load all the database stuff **/ require_once("includes/pref_ids.inc.php"); require_once("includes/config.inc.php"); require_once("includes/classes/adodb/adodb.inc.php"); require_once("includes/dbconnection.inc.php"); session_start(); /** I load the group**/ $_GET['group_id']; /** I count the subscribers**/ function total_subscribers($group_id) { global $db; $count = 0; if((is_object($db)) && ($db->IsConnected())) { $query = "SELECT COUNT(*) AS `total` FROM `".TABLES_PREFIX."users`"; $result = $db->GetRow($query); if(($result) && ($subscribers = (int) $result["total"])) { $count = $subscribers; } } /** I show the number **/ echo($count); } ?> The point is that this script does not work and I was wondering if you could help me, since you know much better about how listmessenger works. Many thanks in advance.
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