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Listmessenger Pro 2.2.0 Release Candidate 2 Available

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KINGSTON, On., Sunday, October 25th, 2008 - I just wanted to briefly announce that ListMessenger Pro 2.2 RC2 is now available for download to users who have previously purchased a licence of ListMessenger Pro. You can download ListMessenger Pro 2.2.0 RC2 by logging into the ListMessenger Members Area, and clicking the "My Downloads" link on the right.


This is the second and final release candidate for ListMessenger 2.2, and we are now working on completing ListMessenger Light 2.2 based on this release candidate. This should not take too long, and I apologize for the delay thus far.


Changes from ListMessenger 2.2 RC1 - RC2 include:

  • All known bugs from the RC1 release have been resolved.
  • ListMessenger password is now stored as a hash vs. plain text in database.
  • Added ListMessenger administrator password recovery process.
  • Added [unsubscribeurl] variable to the list of available variables.
  • Added the ability to ban IP addresses from subscribing and connecting to ListMessenger interface.
  • Added the ability to blacklist e-mail addresses using wildcards (i.e. *@domain.com or msimpson@* or even *.com).
  • Upgraded TinyMCE to
  • Upgraded ADOdb to 4.99.
  • InnovaStudio and HTMLArea editors are no longer present in main distribution file. These will be available as separate downloads if you require them.

Full Changelog

2.2.0 Pro (Build 20081025) ------- RC2 -----------------------------------------

-> [+] Added option to enable/disable the group_id in the unsubscribe link.

-> [+] Added Forward To Friend support and introduced [forwardurl] variable.

-> [+] Added ability to make private groups that users cannot subscribe to.

-> [+] Added basic graph for new subscribers and unsubscribe statistics.

-> [+] Added examples of advanced SMTP connections in E-Mail Configuration.

-> [+] Added the ability to search custom fields data for subscribers.

-> [+] Added jQuery 1.2.6 javascript framework.

-> [+] Added ability to resize text message textarea (compose and edit).

-> [+] Added catch to catch invalid CAPTCHA codes in listmessenger.php.

-> [+] Added ability to finish/correct subscribe form in listmessenger.php.

-> [+] Added ListMessenger administrator password recovery process.

-> [+] Added the ability to ban IP addresses from the system.

-> [+] Added TinyMCE

\_ [+] Added MCImageManager plug-in.

\_ [+] Added TinyMCE PHP SpellChecker 2.0.2 plugin.

-> [+] Added option to not reimport subscribers who previously unsubscribed.

-> [+] Added [unsubscribe] variable to e-mail variable list.

-> [+] Added the ability to make the first and last name required fields.

-> [+] Added multiple template support to the end-user tools.

-> [+] Repurposed "Send to Subscriber" feature in the Message Centre.

-> [+] Added ability to use any of the e-mail variables in admin notices.

-> [+] Added ability to use RSS 0.91, 1.0, 2.0, OPML or ATOM archive feeds.

-> [-] InnovaStudio 3.0 is now a separate download from listmessenger.com.

-> [-] HTMLArea is now a separate download from listmessenger.com.

-> [*] You can now blacklist e-mail addresses using wildcards.

-> [*] Setup now checks to make sure that MySQL is installed.

-> [*] ListMessenger can now run with PHP's short_tags disabled (Go PHP6).

-> [*] Replaced all usage of ereg() functions (Go PHP6).

-> [*] All dates in ListMessenger now use your default PHP Date Format.

-> [*] Changed tooltip libraries from DomTT to jQuery Cluetip plugin.

-> [*] Replaced all help tooltips with the ListMessenger Help window.

-> [*] Manage Fields shows only the required details for selected control.

-> [*] Upgraded PHPMailer to 2.0.2.

-> [*] Upgraded ADOdb to 4.99.

-> [*] SQL_MODE is reset to nothing on every page execution.

-> [*] Moved rich text editors to javascript/wysiwyg.

-> [f] Fixed bug when upgrading minor versions and SQL_MODE is strict.

-> [f] Fixed problem with unsubscribing when confirmation was disabled.

-> [f] Fixed bug that prevented registration and updates on new server.

-> [f] Fixed issue that prevented subscriber field searches within a group.

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