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      ListMessenger Support Forum Updated   08/08/2017

      We just wanted to mention that we have just upgraded our support forum software to the latest and greatest version of Invision Community. This will translate to a significantly better experience for users and hopefully a huge reduction in the amount of forum spam that pops up. Forum spam is poison to a support forum such as this because it robs support administrators of time which would have other wise went to providing important responses.

Listmessenger Light 2.2.1 Now Available

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Kingston, ON., Sunday, April 3rd, 2011 - ListMessenger Light has just been released and can be downloaded from the Downloads section of the new ListMessenger website. For more information on the features and fixes contained in this release please see the ListMessenger Pro release announcement or the developers ChangeLog.


As always if you have a comments or suggestions, please feel free to use the Suggestions and Feedback forum.


Best Regards,

Matt Simpson

Lead Developer

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