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Guest Luxor

Why Does Unsubscribe Action Delete The User?

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Guest Luxor

When a user unsubscribes, he is completely deleted from the database.


My problem with this is that I use LM as a "secondary" database for emails. I collect emails through my various sites and when I decide to do a mailing, I import these emails into LM and do the mailing. A user may unsubscribe, but then as admin I may at a later time import his email again (intentionally or not) to LM and then he'll get another email even though he wanted to be removed.


I believe it is better to "mark" a user as unsubscribed (instead of deleting them) so that he is not accidentally added again unless he specifically goes through a process of resubscription. This is how MailChimp and other commercial vendors do it.


Can this feature be added?



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Hello Luxor,


ListMessenger does something very similar as well. When you import subscribers there is the option to "Do not import subscribers that have previously unsubscribed from the selected groups.". It tracks this activity in a logging table, and won't re-import someone to a group if they've previously unsubscribed from it.


Does that help?



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