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Single Word Subject Line - Send Fails

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A message (to 28 subscribers, and also to 1 as a test) with just a single word in the Subject line appeared to send from the Queue Manager record but was not delivered (the word was: Majorca )


Can't understand why? - I copied the same message and changed the Subject to : Majorca - test message and it sent immediately, and was received


Any ideas?



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Hello Rob,


That's very strange indeed. I've not heard this one before to be honest.


What method are you using to try and send mail? PHP's mail() function, Sendmail, SMTP? You can find out in Control Panel > Preferences > E-Mail Configuration.


P.S. Sorry for the belated response to your inquiry.



Matt Simpson

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Running a test again with a one word (the same one that failed before) and it was delivered?!?!? I have two sites with LM in use - both worked with the single word subject.


The mail is set up to send as PHP mail() - the only difference that I can see is that the messages that failed were from the free version of LM, that site has now been upgraded to Pro.


Confused!?!?! - but perhaps it was just a momentary glitch somewhere along the line.





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